$99.97 Is All It Takes!

Have you been struggling to make that level of financial success that you’ve dreamed of from your Internet Marketing efforts?

Have you ever bothered to take a look at just what IMMACC is? 

Have you been stung, burnt, at a financial loss because you paid for a program that just isn’t working for you?

Have you seen what IMMACC can do for you but just couldn’t afford to join?

Do You Know IMMACC is celebrating it 5th year of success on the Internet since it began back in 2007 which makes it one of the longest marketing opportunities online today?  (Not many others remain consistent for that long)

Ok enough with the questions already!  Let us announce to you now the latest mammoth change that CEO Gerald Van Yerxa has now released to all current members.

 The most Generous, most Heart Warming, most Thoughtful gesture and development to now make the worlds largest Internet Marketing And Mentoring Coaching Centre more easily accessible to all Online Marketers.

After conducting an extensive market research looking into various aspects of the global positioning of this incredible online business building module not only for individuals, for companies and offline business owners as well…the majority decision was that most of the  audience to our product SIMPLY CAN’T  AFFORD TO JOIN .  And if you have read any of our earlier posts you will know we felt exactly the same way and is why we hesitated for 6 months to join…”it’s a big investment risk” was the primary motive to our already suffering financial circumstances. If  we had earned a dollar for every time we heard that phrase we would be wealthy without selling a thing! 

The  NEW ANNOUNCEMENT released IS THAT NOW  you can have access to the very same training platform and opportunities that we enjoy without having to pay a huge upfront joining fee…you get it all for just $99.97 per month…that’s it,simple,clean,and easy. And you Still Get A Money Back Guarantee. Now there is no excuse to deny yourself access to the worlds largest educational Internet marketing platform no matter how you want to make money, and no matter the online business model you choose to make money from.

Let us take a moment to refresh you the key benefits:

  • over 800 hours of training videos

    image of get an education with immacc

    Start Your Education Today

  • 170 different training theatres
  • over 51 marketing strategies
  • 9 ways that you can earn income online
  • 3 live training webinars weekly
  • contact and support
  • $99.97  per month is all it takes

So if you’ve been holding back and waiting in the wings…here is your major opportunity that will change your whole outlook on Internet Marketing as you now can enjoy this remarkable education for true success from your efforts.

As we wrap up this post. Think about this!  Out of all the ‘master guru’s – Out of all the opportunities you have ever seen – Do you know of one that offers as much as what IMMACC  does for this kind of pricing?

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Trev n Steph