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The Ninth Way

 The master internet marketing trainer and coach Gerald Van Yerxa launches a brand new money-making platform exclusive to his immacc members we call it the Ninth Way!
You may be surprised that Gerald actually dislikes being referred to as a ‘guru’ yet in fact he is friends to many of the gurus you may already be familiar with.
The flagship company immacc (internet marketing mentoring and coaching center) has constantly provided an ongoing experience in a very real and approachable way to all members and teaches in any of 8 ways to make successful profits building and using your online internet marketing education and applying those learned skills.
So What Is The Ninth Way?
Before we get to that let me show you the existing 8 Watch the video link below

if you didn’t watch the video here’s a brief look that you can learn HOW TO:

1. Create Free Leads: for your own Sales Career business
2. Social Media: get paid as a Social Media manager
3. Create Profits Online: for any Existing Business you own
4. Become a top MLM leader: recruit an earn more from your MLM team
5. Get your own Affiliate Business: an affiliate business that pays big
6. Create your own Info Products: info products are in demand
7. Be an Online Marketing Consultant: Big contracts and Big rewards
8. Learn how to market anything or
anybody online: Total Online Marketing Education

And here’s number 9. The latest addition that immacc offers you a way to earn money online in an offline way. Providing a complete platform where all you have to do is bring in the clients (genuine qualified clients) based on your research and presentation skills the rest is completely taken care of, you become a senior marketing representative of WMP the newest and most competitively priced business owners online marketing solution exclusive to immacc members.
I’m recruiting more Reps now.
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Trev and Steph