IMMACC Members Trev And Steph Talk about: The IMMACC Money Back Guarantee.

image of atention! this post has been ammended Due to massive changes to the IMMACC entry fee the following  guarantee details are null and void.

A Guarantee still exists it has simply been re-written to accommodate the new changes.

See this post for reference  $99.97 Is All It Takes       And visit the IMMACC HOME PAGE       All other reference material within the body of the post regarding the training platform are still relevant and therefore we leave the post in its original form below. Thanks.   

IMMACC (internet marketing mentoring and coaching center) recently introduced a fabulous new  incentive to assure any new member that they are willing to stand by their educational platform by way of,  Not a 30 day money back guarantee, or a 90 day money back guarantee, it’s a whopping 180 day full money back guarantee.

OK so 180 days =6 whole months. Yes you are backed by training,guidance,coaching,mentorship and given a platform and education that must be studied and adhered to & proven for you to receive IMMACCs  guarantee of money back, and we say that because it is the dedicated achievers that seriously want to learn to generate that income from an online presence, (Internet Marketing)

Interestingly enough and perhaps Gerald Van Yerxa founder of IMMACC is leading and inspiring other Master Gurus with their associated products, such as Jeff Johnson,Eban Pagan and an admirable Mark Ling who have also proudly announced their money back guarantees.

If your not familiar with the names above which are just a few to mention of successful and wealthy people marketing online that can really teach you from their own experience, you need to  be sure you always research and know what is available and how it is available and what is the content of the program course and What is The Support level ! 

As an IMMACC student you receive all of the above whether you are a complete newbie or have a struggling online existence.

IMMACC fulfills Your Total Marketing Needs.

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