iMMACC Members Trev And Steph Talk About: $99.97 Is All It Takes!

$99.97 Is All It Takes!

Have you been struggling to make that level of financial success that you’ve dreamed of from your Internet Marketing efforts?

Have you ever bothered to take a look at just what IMMACC is? 

Have you been stung, burnt, at a financial loss because you paid for a program that just isn’t working for you?

Have you seen what IMMACC can do for you but just couldn’t afford to join?

Do You Know IMMACC is celebrating it 5th year of success on the Internet since it began back in 2007 which makes it one of the longest marketing opportunities online today?  (Not many others remain consistent for that long)

Ok enough with the questions already!  Let us announce to you now the latest mammoth change that CEO Gerald Van Yerxa has now released to all current members.

 The most Generous, most Heart Warming, most Thoughtful gesture and development to now make the worlds largest Internet Marketing And Mentoring Coaching Centre more easily accessible to all Online Marketers.

After conducting an extensive market research looking into various aspects of the global positioning of this incredible online business building module not only for individuals, for companies and offline business owners as well…the majority decision was that most of the  audience to our product SIMPLY CAN’T  AFFORD TO JOIN .  And if you have read any of our earlier posts you will know we felt exactly the same way and is why we hesitated for 6 months to join…”it’s a big investment risk” was the primary motive to our already suffering financial circumstances. If  we had earned a dollar for every time we heard that phrase we would be wealthy without selling a thing! 

The  NEW ANNOUNCEMENT released IS THAT NOW  you can have access to the very same training platform and opportunities that we enjoy without having to pay a huge upfront joining fee…you get it all for just $99.97 per month…that’s it,simple,clean,and easy. And you Still Get A Money Back Guarantee. Now there is no excuse to deny yourself access to the worlds largest educational Internet marketing platform no matter how you want to make money, and no matter the online business model you choose to make money from.

Let us take a moment to refresh you the key benefits:

  • over 800 hours of training videos

    image of get an education with immacc

    Start Your Education Today

  • 170 different training theatres
  • over 51 marketing strategies
  • 9 ways that you can earn income online
  • 3 live training webinars weekly
  • contact and support
  • $99.97  per month is all it takes

So if you’ve been holding back and waiting in the wings…here is your major opportunity that will change your whole outlook on Internet Marketing as you now can enjoy this remarkable education for true success from your efforts.

As we wrap up this post. Think about this!  Out of all the ‘master guru’s – Out of all the opportunities you have ever seen – Do you know of one that offers as much as what IMMACC  does for this kind of pricing?

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Trev n Steph



iMMACC Members Trev And Steph Talk about: The Best Online Business

IMMACC Members Trev And Steph Talk about:  The Best Online Business.

The question what is the best online business is indeed a common search term a lot of people ask when they are looking to make money from starting a home based business and building an online income stream.

One thing we implore people to do is RESEARCH on any provider of an internet wealth package designed to generate huge income success online (that includes us and immacc) Once you have found an answer that your placing your hopes and dreams on, just remember that it is not the program or package you buy that brings you wealth it is your individual efforts in implementing any strategy you are exposed to and taught !

We hope you have taken time to read our about page and our what is immacc post. Because now We are very proud to announce that Gerald VanYerxa founder and CEO of IMMACC once again provides for his extended online family.  IMMACC members now have an incredible Ninth Way to add to their existing income stream opportunity ( exclusive to immacc members at no step up or additional fees)  If you havent already clicked on the immacc image to the right to see how we can help you or are wondering about the other 8ways  let us give you a quick look.  So what is the ninth way?  We’ll tell you…just  fill in your details for access…its a fair deal.

Once again do your research go forth and seek as we did and then discover IMMACC. the people are real the contact is real (we can talk directly to the CEO anytime and he readily responds ) 

Think about this for a moment.  we have access to over 170 training theatres, over 800 hours of video archives, and over 51 marketing methods…as well as 3 live weekly training webinars (every week) If you want to see how you can earn that 6 figure income online do not make a decision until you look at how we can help you.

In summary :    You Have access to 2 enormously rewarding affiliate opportunities! 

                             You learn from the largest privately owned Internet Marketing Education Center!

                             You choose from any or multiple ways that you want to brand and market yourself online!

watch the above video link and then go fill out your details by clicking on the IMMACC logo on the right of this page.

IMMACC Members TrevnSteph talk about: IMMACC and WMP

IMMACC Members TrevnSteph talk about: IMMACC and WMP

Are you looking for an affiliate marketing proposition that can genuinely offer you the best of the best online marketing income rewards ever? 

WMP is the hottest and latest new development  for affiliate opportunities and it is exclusive to IMMACC members.

As an exclusive this product is only available to IMMACC members with absolutely no extra costs or charges, it is simply a new product development that is added to the many ways to earn from multiple income streams that immacc empowers you as an Internet Marketer in todays online world.

We talked briefly about this opportunity in our blog the Ninth Way 

IMMACC is the Internet Marketing Mentoring and Coaching Centre that is incomparable to any other internet marketers learning centre,club,university,organisation,group …without doubt !  Hey! sure it costs to join and sure you will pay monthly fees.  Yet it is an experience you will never regret and never let go of and immacc stamps its whopping 180 day (6 month) guarantee on that which you can see here…. the immacc guarantee

So what is this WMP ? it is the most fabulous way to approach busy offline business owners with little, poor, or no representation in an online marketing world  and be able to provide them with the best professional service to both an online website and promotianal marketing solution for their business at prices that defy comparison …it’s a package deal…no one else offers that at an affordable rate to any businesses  advertising budget!

Contact us anytime for more information

or  see and submit your details.

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IMMACC Members TrevnSteph talk about: The Ninth Way

IMMACC members TrevnSteph talk about: The Ninth Way 

The Ninth Way

 The master internet marketing trainer and coach Gerald Van Yerxa launches a brand new money-making platform exclusive to his immacc members we call it the Ninth Way!
You may be surprised that Gerald actually dislikes being referred to as a ‘guru’ yet in fact he is friends to many of the gurus you may already be familiar with.
The flagship company immacc (internet marketing mentoring and coaching center) has constantly provided an ongoing experience in a very real and approachable way to all members and teaches in any of 8 ways to make successful profits building and using your online internet marketing education and applying those learned skills.
So What Is The Ninth Way?
Before we get to that let me show you the existing 8 Watch the video link below

if you didn’t watch the video here’s a brief look that you can learn HOW TO:

1. Create Free Leads: for your own Sales Career business
2. Social Media: get paid as a Social Media manager
3. Create Profits Online: for any Existing Business you own
4. Become a top MLM leader: recruit an earn more from your MLM team
5. Get your own Affiliate Business: an affiliate business that pays big
6. Create your own Info Products: info products are in demand
7. Be an Online Marketing Consultant: Big contracts and Big rewards
8. Learn how to market anything or
anybody online: Total Online Marketing Education

And here’s number 9. The latest addition that immacc offers you a way to earn money online in an offline way. Providing a complete platform where all you have to do is bring in the clients (genuine qualified clients) based on your research and presentation skills the rest is completely taken care of, you become a senior marketing representative of WMP the newest and most competitively priced business owners online marketing solution exclusive to immacc members.
I’m recruiting more Reps now.
Contact Me for more info.
Trev and Steph

iMMACC Members Trev And Steph Talk about: Article Writing for Marketing

Trev And Steph Talk About:  Changes to Article Marketing.


OK so lets face it !  Google keep administering their ruling hand and the SLAPS keep coming.

Article Marketing was once so easy to do… but now Article Writing belongs to the wise and truly dedicated to  provide information in the form of original content from the hand of the creator, ORIGINAL content and not some simple cleverly spinned and  re-spun content as was so easy to produce in the past. There is a way to rank by good SEO work  and by being truly original in your writings.

All of the Major and even some Minor Article hosting directories are substantially changing their policies for submittance of your articles.  Some of you may be familiar with Ezine Articles and how they axed many articles to the shock and horror of many authors…yet did you know that even E-How also chopped over 300,000  from their own article library in order to stay in the good books of  ‘Google’

Some of you out there may be saying theres so many places to place an article how will i ever be shut down, remember you belong to an organisation and it is the organisation that is fearing way more than you ! 
( I once had a boss who never kept a log book for his commercial driving and thought I should do the same, yet his thoughts and upbringing where ‘oldskool’ and I would simply stand my ground to educate the employer that WE BOTH GET FINED under new laws… me as a driver, and the boss as the employer)

Changes occur all the time but its how we adapt to those changes that will see us survive.

Simple article spinning is not enough anymore… you need complexity with automation and a thinking re-writing platform that provides articles which truly  ‘slip in under the radar’  simply check out the links provided for some great resource tools.                                                                                                                                                                        You can also see this blog   and check out lots of other great posts by Steph at

  Where Do You Rank in GOOGLE ?

Article Spinning !  Does it really work ?


iMMACC Members Trev And Steph Talk about: Money Back Guarantee

IMMACC Members Trev And Steph Talk about: The IMMACC Money Back Guarantee.

image of atention! this post has been ammended Due to massive changes to the IMMACC entry fee the following  guarantee details are null and void.

A Guarantee still exists it has simply been re-written to accommodate the new changes.

See this post for reference  $99.97 Is All It Takes       And visit the IMMACC HOME PAGE       All other reference material within the body of the post regarding the training platform are still relevant and therefore we leave the post in its original form below. Thanks.   

IMMACC (internet marketing mentoring and coaching center) recently introduced a fabulous new  incentive to assure any new member that they are willing to stand by their educational platform by way of,  Not a 30 day money back guarantee, or a 90 day money back guarantee, it’s a whopping 180 day full money back guarantee.

OK so 180 days =6 whole months. Yes you are backed by training,guidance,coaching,mentorship and given a platform and education that must be studied and adhered to & proven for you to receive IMMACCs  guarantee of money back, and we say that because it is the dedicated achievers that seriously want to learn to generate that income from an online presence, (Internet Marketing)

Interestingly enough and perhaps Gerald Van Yerxa founder of IMMACC is leading and inspiring other Master Gurus with their associated products, such as Jeff Johnson,Eban Pagan and an admirable Mark Ling who have also proudly announced their money back guarantees.

If your not familiar with the names above which are just a few to mention of successful and wealthy people marketing online that can really teach you from their own experience, you need to  be sure you always research and know what is available and how it is available and what is the content of the program course and What is The Support level ! 

As an IMMACC student you receive all of the above whether you are a complete newbie or have a struggling online existence.

IMMACC fulfills Your Total Marketing Needs.

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iMMACC members Trev n Steph Talk About; article writing and spinning content

iMMACC Members Trev and Steph Talk about; Articles and the principles of spinning.

Well lets face it… if your into promoting yourself online for your business then exposure by articles and blogs are definitely going to afford you a presence online depending on your research and keywords for your niche and marketing strategy.

Now there are lots of things to consider when it comes to how your going to gain exposure and profits from your online presence.

If  your already a wealthy business owner with cashflow to employ people to do this then this blog aint for you. But thats not to say that if your disappointed with your results from your current  service provider and want better returns for your investment then listen up.

OK lets delve a little… Article Writing, Weblogs, these are the foundation blocks to your marketing,regardless of the popularity of video publications,   articles and blogs rule for any person wanting to know how to successfully gain an online marketing presence.

Lets take a look at your method for promoting an article… are you simply posting the same content on each article site you belong to ?  Do you even belong to multiple article posting sites ?  The art of creating content and have it posted online is to present your content in various terminology and to host it on as many article or blog sites  that you can.                                                                                                                                            

image spin your article


Think this way… if Google shut down your article or blog and all you have ever created on a particular site… what is your backup. the easy answer is to take whatever content you ever created, copy it, paste it, and spin it… reproduce it and host on another site and doing so in other different sites with other variations of your content. This is achieved by SPINNING your content.  You only need to change a few words around to recreate your content in a multitude of variants (use your thesaurus or dictionary to find alternative words) You dont need to spend hours recreating your initial content when you find such a thing as an ‘article spinner’ These tools for spinning your content will blow your mind…reproduce your writings in a multitude of different word presentations to submit to many article hosts and blog hosts.   Tip! always and always proof read your spun material before publishing. If it appears in bad grammar or nonsensical then the article sites may reject your content, this is why blogs tend to be much more fun to say what you want to say regardless of proper literacy.

There are Free Versions and there are Pro Paid Versions. Depends on your wallet and income.Free Versions may take you a little extra work but at least they are totally free.

Thats it.. no hype no sell… just short  information.  feel free to contact us anytime we are here to help

trev and steph  also see stephs blog 

Heres a blog thats most contradictory in its own writings I wonder if it will be found in the search engines ?